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Vehicles are popular themes for exercises and theses. Because they are to be built for educational purposes, we prefer ruggedness and accessability.

An important part of each vehicle project is some kind of test bench. Bring-up and debugging would be somewhat inconvenient, when the vehicle is in motion ...

A tiny tracked chassis (to build robots with) is widely available. However, for more advanced projects, it seems somewhat too small. So I have it modified...




a) shows the chassis on a makeshift test bench. b) illustrates, how our modules can be used as OEM building blocks. 1 - general purpose microcontroller module 12a. 2 - human interface module 02/10. 3 - an application-specific board. 4 - power wiring.



























September 15, 2014

Download a (provisional and incomplete) schematic of a wheeled vehicle (German; signal identifiers in English).