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Article in Circuit Cellar, December 2016:

Resource Algebra and the Future of FPGA Technology

Article in Circuit Cellar, July 2016:

Microcontroller modules for the ambitious:


The digital analog computer -- wire as programming language ...

It's five times better business than Linux- or C++-drill ...



All-in-One (AiO) Trainers:

Why tinkering with wires, when one can have all together (so that it will not fall apart??

A few weeks ago, such a configuration seemed to be well within the realms of feasibility. Now it is up and running . . .

The digital analog computer with an auxiliary troubleshooting unit on top (will be mounted only during bring-up and for troubleshooting tough dogs) . . .

Making good use of inexpensive small tablets...


Sometimes, the simplest will be the best: toggle switches to provide a test stimulus and LEDs or the like to observe the response:


Emulation of legacy interfaces


Microcontroller modules

Human interface modules

Xmega Trainers

All-in-one modules

Combining microcontrollers and CPLDs

CPLD modules

The digital analog computer


The passive hub

The port sniffer


Display modules in comparison:


...  vs. LCD

The basics of XY presentation:

























May 15, 2017

Download some project overviews:

The digital analog computer:

Introducing the first All-in-One (AiO) Trainers

Keep it simple and stupid: Toggle-Switch Devices

Emulation of legacy interfaces

What makes the difference (apart from the size)?

Download a competitive analysis.