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Instead of using small tablets, devices similar to an operator console can be built with small (e. g., 7") LCD monitors or touch screens and miniaturized computers, like mini PCs or PC sticks.

This 7" LCD monitor comes with separate PCBs, containing the display controller, the touch controller, and the control keys. The screen has been mounted on a 3U, 42 HP front panel. To accommodate the PCBs, some kind of chassis had been crafted.

The display controller has been suspended beneath the chassis' base plate. The HDMI socket provides enough clearance so that a PC stick can be plugged in. Cantilevering the big stick, however, is obviously no particular good idea.

Hence a 3 U module has been built, based on a 14 HP front panel.

This way, the PC stick can be combined with modules as shown in connection with the 7" tablets.

3 U modules





August 26, 2019

3 U modules