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Why a dual-screen device?
Because dual-screen displays belonged always to my pet peeves.


This machine, the CDC 6600, was the ultimate paragon:

(Source: Control Data Corporation)

Here are two operator consoles/service processors for mainframes, developed in the eighties:

The machines have been documented by courtesy of the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Paderborn.
For details, see here ...

A small dual-screen / dual processor apparatus, belonging to a series of microcontroller modules developed from 2012 on.

For an overview, see here ...
and here (a PDF with photos and block diagrams)...

With inexpensive 7" tablets, it was tempting to try again something similar:

All right, it is not a true dual-screen machine. The 19" 3 U subrack houses two independent 7" Windows tablets connected to a LAN switch, a USB switch, and a common power supply module.  Additionally, each tablet has a USB hub and an R2S-232 interface.

Modules, hubs, and interfaces:

Download this block diagram as PDF.

The principal power supply cabling:

Download this block diagram as PDF.

A first look inside:

MORE ...






August 26, 2019

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